Pond Life Panel

Our inspiration comes primarily from nature and the beauty of the plants and animals which surround us.  All pieces are hand cut using a plasma cutter, then welded together, and polished.   They are then given a finish of either natural rust, colored metal dye, or paint.   Most items are steel.


Any item on the website can be ordered through the artist in the finish of your choice.   Custom orders of your own design are also welcome.   There are many possibilities:  a favorite pet, animal,  flower, symbol, or wherever the imagination takes you!   We welcome your ideas.     Because they are handmade, each piece will vary slightly and have its own personality.


Items made with ground stakes can alternately be ordered with a wall hanger, or a solid base for use on a deck, patio or walkway.  In other words, it doesn't always have to stick in the ground!    Except for items with a paint finish, items comes standard with a coat of outdoor sealant, and should be waxed or coated with clear sealant once a year to preserve the finish.   If kept outdoors, some rust will appear on steel items with time.


All of these items can be done with a rust patina, color staining, or painted.  Our outdoor garden stakes come standardly with a 7 inch stake welded on, however they can be provided with a hook for hanging on a wall.   The giant flowers come standardly with 8 inch ground stakes welded on, but can be done with a solid base for display on a sidewalk, porch, or indoors.   Choose what suits your fancy!


Some items are available for direct purchase at our Etsy shop, click here:  Oliver Metal Art on Etsy.


Heron panel